Product Range


R3hydr8 Sport

Created through the demands of high-performance athletes and the 35g+ of sugar and multitude of chemical numbers in the ‘sugar-free’ alternatives, the team at R3Hydr8 knew there had to be a better way.

With R3Hydr8’s scientifically proven, all-natural, sugar-free, preservative free range of sports drinks, have your body R3Hydr8ed faster and back in the game.

Available in a range of flavours including orange, lemon lime & mixed, enjoy 100% natural R3hydr8tion!

R3hydr8 Travel

R3Hydr8 Travel has been specifically developed in the R3Hydr8 labs to fight the adverse effects of air travel on the body.

As we travel for holiday, business or any reason at all, why waste days with jet lag, when R3Hydr8 Travel can help?

With a complex mix of carbohydrates, electrolytes, amino acids and trace minerals all scientifically designer to optimising fluid replacement and activity decreasing the symptoms of jet lag, get on with your trip sooner thanks to R3Hydr8 Travel.


R3hydr8 Kids

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, “in 2014–15, about 1 in 4 (26%) Australian children and adolescents aged 2–17 were overweight or obese” , in part largely to soft drinks, fruit drinks, the sugar & chemicals they contain – R3Hydr8 had to change this alarming statistic.

R3Hydr8 Kids promotes activity, sports and an active lifestyle, fuelled by all natural, sugar-free alternatives that are not only functional but taste great for your little ones!

My Drink

With over 2 in 3 Australian adults considered overweight or obese, 1.7 million Australian’s suffering from diabetes and 280 new cases diagnosed each and every day with type 2 being as a direct result of obesity and diet – there has to be a better way.

MY Drink has been scientifically formulated and contains no glucose, no fructose, and no maltodextrins. It is perfectly balanced with our unique blend of electrolytes to help maintain hydration levels.

The drink incorporates non-insulin dependent sweeteners and 84 balanced elements to provide muscle function support, reducing arterial rigidity, increased arterial compliance supporting a reduction in blood pressure.