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Scientifically proven
All-natural ingredients
High-performance hydration

R3hydr8 is 100% natural, high-performance formula and sports drink.
We’ve created a complete hydration solution for peak performance.

Athletics Australia Ordering

Product Range

Tubs (450g & 1kg)


R3Hydr8 believe in our products, as do some of the highest performance athletes in Australia thanks to the scientifically proven, all natural, low sugar and high performing formula.

After being rigorously tested, trialled and analysed by teams from the AIS and within the organisation itself, Athletics Australia is proudly R3hydr8’s elite performance partner.

Our product range has been formulated by former Olympic and elite sports athletes, scientists and FMCG specialists, for athletes – not by international soft drink companies.

Caffeine Free
All Natural Ingredients
Fast Absorption
Australian Owned