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REHYDR8 is an isotonic drink (isotonic must have 3 functions; rehydrate body cells, replenish electrolytes and contain an optimum level of carbohydrates at 6-8%);


  • has an optimised carbohydrate combination for rapid and sustained energy;
  • contains optimised levels and ratios of electrolytes including both major and trace minerals;
  • contains optimised levels and ratios of BCAAs to prevent muscle depletion;
  • contains glucosamine to strengthen cartilage and bones;
  • Contains magnesium known to help maintain normal muscle and nerve function. Keeps heart rhythm steady.
  •  An athlete’s body is 50-60% water. At rest we lose 100ml per hour, but we lose 1500ml per hour during vigorous exercise. Reduced hydration means overheating, reduced oxygen availability and reduced performance.
  • A 1500ml loss is 2% in body weight for 75kg athlete, this loss corresponds to a 10% drop in physical capability;
  • A 4% loss in body weight corresponds to a 25% drop in physical capability;
  • A 9-12% loss in body weight can lead to death.

Fluid replacement facts

  • The speed of fluid replacement is slower than fluid loss during exercise
  • The speed of fluid replacement is determined by rate of stomach emptying and intestinal absorption
  • Higher carbohydrate concentration and calorie content leads to slower intestinal fluid absorption
  • Balance between fluid and energy depending upon need
  • Electrolytes increase fluid replacement
  • Electrolytes are lost as sweat as but more slowly than water
  • Sodium, potassium and chloride are the most important minerals
    – essential to the control of tissue hydration
    – required to maintain acid-base balance in cells
  • Sodium increases water absorption, by co-transport, and decreases water excretion, by maintaining osmotic pressure.REHYDR8 is the only drink in the world that supplies not only essential minerals and elements, but also micro and trace minerals that are lost through exercise and sweat. Micro minerals are essential to optimum body function, including the production of energy. For example, the production by the body of the coenzyme Q10 requires more than a half dozen different trace minerals. Coenzyme Q10 is in every cell and is essential for biochemical energy and heart function during exercise. Maintenance of correct levels of these trace minerals is essential to optimum physical performance.

A variety of minerals are lost during sweating and therefore trace minerals should also be replaced after prolonged exertion.

Extra Magnesium

  • Helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function
  • Keeps heart rhythm steady
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Keeps bones strong
  • Helps to regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure
  • Known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis
  • Preventing and managing disorders such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


  • Glucosamine an amino sugar that plays a major role in cartilage formation and repair. Glucosamine stimulates the production of water-binding glycosaminoglycan and proteoglycans, two essential building blocks of cartilage and also inhibits the production of chondrocytes, enzymes that break down cartilage
  • Glucosamine also appears to suppress the destructive enzymes collagenase and phospholipase. In effect, supplementing with glucosamine is akin to giving your body the raw materials it needs to rebuild cartilage – naturally
  • Glucosamine helps to form tendons, ligaments, cartilage and nails. Glucosamine has so few side effects primarily because it is already a natural component of the body. The only problem with glucosamine is that its natural production in the body seems to fade with time, injury and aging
  • Supplementing with glucosamine can help replace the deficit and restore the proper glucosamine balance
  • glucosamine in REHYDR8 is high quality glucosamine – greater than 99.9% pure and produced using pharmaceutical grade manufacturing standards.


  • BCAAs (Ile, Leu, Val) are essential amino acids
  • Assist in preventing muscle depletion during exercise
  • Protein breakdown increases and manufacture slows during and immediately after exercise
  • Protein stores in muscle deplete and performance suffers during exercise
  • Consuming BCAAs decreases muscle protein breakdown
  • Consuming BCAAs decreases central fatigue due to 5-HT improving physical and mental performance
  • BCAAs should be consumed prior to, during and after prolonged exercise.

MY Body MY Life MY Drink

Coming early 2018

Get away from the sugar hit drinks on the market; get away from the caffeine fixes.

MY Body MY Life MY Drink contains no glucose, no fructose, and no maltodextrins. It is perfectly balanced with our unique blend of electrolytes to help maintain hydration levels.

A healthy lifestyle creates a healthy body and a healthy mind.

How does it work?

MY Drink contains over 84 elements, balanced to provide smooth muscle function support, reducing arterial rigidity, increased arterial compliance and therefore reduced blood pressure.  It also reduces dehydration and decreased blood viscosity.  This causes a drop in blood pressure and red blood cell and platelet aggregation.  This results in a major reduction of muscle cramping (both exercise induced and static cramping). There is a high potassium level to counteract the potassium loss associated with diuresis, eliminating low potassium problems.

The ascorbate levels help reduce arterial rigidity, improve arterial compliance, and enhance endothelial cell health and therefore reducing adhesion of red blood cells to endothelial cells.  Japanese studies identified ascorbate as the best prevention for DVT.  Ascorbate is thought to be a better treatment of atherosclerosis.

MY Drink has proven ingredients which are extremely important to endothelial cell health and reduce cell “stickiness” – red cell and platelet aggregation is reduced.  The sweeteners used in MY Drink were chosen because they are non-insulin dependent and have numerous metabolic pathways available in the body.  It is not a quick hit sugar.  It can be taken by patients with diabetes mellitus and also people with type 2 diabetes

Rhino Whey Protein Concentrate

Coming early 2018

There are many ways to take in protein, an essential food, including meat, eggs, fish and milk. The problem is that when taking in large amounts of protein from these sources, we are also taking in large amounts of artificial hormones, undesirable fats, pollutants and even bugs! Plus the protein balance in these various sources may not meet the body’s precise requirements and we may need to take in a lot to get the desired effect.

Unfortunately, the wrong proteins must then be eliminated and athletes such as weightlifters sometimes experience problems like gout.

One easy way to take in all the pure protein we need, in an easily digestible pure form, is mothers’ milk. The active ingredient in this is called ‘whey’ and when this is concentrated into an easily digestible form, we have whey concentrate – the most accessible form of the most natural mix of protein available to us.

Protein from this source is said to have a high biological value and by this, scientists mean that whey concentrate supplies digestible protein that can actually be used by the body for the purposes of tissue repair and growth without modification, and without taking in contaminants and other unnecessary materials.

There are many whey concentrate products on the market today, all of which make various claims about their effectiveness in supplying useable protein for the body to turn into new tissue. However, when all these products are analysed in the labs and by athletes, one product comes out on top in terms of the biological value of the protein it contains, and that product is Rhino WPC.

The active ingredient of Rhino WPC is produced in Tasmania and Victoria, which are two of the most pollution-free parts of the world today. It is a by-product of the cheese manufacturing process called ultra-filtration. The end product of this process is then twice filtered, producing a lactose and virtually fat-free product. No chemicals are used in the process, so we finish up with one of the cleanest pure whey concentrates on the market.

Compare this with companies, which use the faster acid-whey process. Acid is used to quickly separate the curds from the whey. The whey concentrate produced by this faster method is contaminated with acid and to neutralise it, artificial sweetener and flavors such as aspartame are added. So when you pick up that tub of whey concentrate, look at the label to see whether it contains any synthetics!

There’s some doubt about the safety of aspartame and it might pay to think about the effect of taking in a lot of it on a daily basis.

People who are lactose-intolerant may feel they cannot use our product, but this is not the case! Begin by taking a smaller dosage and building over two weeks, until you can take two or three tablespoons a day, up to twice or three times a day if desired. The body quickly adjusts to it because it contains such a low level of lactose, thanks to the culture process used.

An interesting side effect of whey protein has been discovered – it boosts the immune system by up to 500%. There have been many trials to support this claim.

Eighty per cent of natural human breast milk is whey and it is through this natural whey that a baby’s immune system is boosted. So a baby is being fed with best quality protein while its immune system is being taken care of. This latter function is important since babies are born with an imperfectly functioning immune system and it takes a year for that system to come on-line. This is why breast milk is so very important.

So we are raised on whey protein from Day One. Whey is the body’s first and most natural source of nutritional benefits and that is why Rhino WPC is so well tolerated. It’s a return to nature.

Rhino Protein

Coming early 2018

Rhino Protein is unique amongst whey concentrates because we combined it with egg white. The egg white comes from Australia where there are no salmonella-infected hens. Therefore the valuable proteins our product contains are not denatured.

Egg white is added to Rhino Protein to produce an anabolic response, which is obtained by changing the nitrogen balance in the body. Everyone has this balance and you are either in a katabolic (breakdown) phase, when the nitrogen balance is swinging towards the negative or in an anabolic response when the nitrogen is building. We can make this change happen by exercising and/or taking Rhino Protein. By adding egg white to the whey concentrate, a faster shift into the anabolic phase ahs been measured, with test subjects remaining in that phase longer.

Rhino Supplements recognise the important benefits from the synergy between these two, naturally occurring products.

Another way of shifting into the anabolic (building phase) is by taking anabolic steroids! However, there is a very serious price to pay in doing this, including cancer, enlargement of the heart, depression of your body’s hormonal system and mental problems.

There is an easier way – Rhino Protein. We will not make the outrageous claim that muscle gain through Rhino Protein will be as great and far-reaching as can be achieved by taking steroids, but whey concentrate’s proven anabolic effects are not accompanied by risk of cancer. In fact, there are no side effects whatsoever from taking Rhino Sports products.

Any athlete – whether serious or leisure – will gain greatly from a natural supplement rather than an artificial amino acid form of supplement. The body recognises what it is used to far more quickly, assimilates it faster and makes use of it more effectively than the artificial alternatives. In fact, research by Michael Colgan, has shown that free amino acids can actually cause a katabolic nitrogen response!

It isn’t enough just to take amino acids themselves. For best results, enzymes and co-enzymes must accompany them to help break them down. While natural enzymes and co-enzymes are found in whey concentrate, they aren’t in free-form protein supplements. So all that protein you’re presently taking may be doing you very little good at all!

Rhino Energy

Coming early 2018

Everyone, not only professional athletes will benefit from Rhino Energy. Whether you are a runner, rugby player, boxer, martial artist, gymnast, power lifter, bodybuilder, triathlete, footballer, tennis player or rock climber, you can always do with more energy, strength and lean muscle mass – Rhino Energy delivers all that and more.

At Rhino Supplements, we believe we have created the most potent formula for increased energy, strength and lean muscle mass. The ingredients we use are of the highest quality and nutritionally superior – dextrose, fructose and maltodextrin – for short, medium and long term sustained energy.

Whey protein concentrate (WPC) has been scientifically proven to have the highest biological value (BV) in protein known to man. Biological value represents how much of the protein can be digested and how much of that digested protein is used by the body for muscle tissue repair and growth. WPC ranks number 1 in the world.

Egg white is an excellent source of pure protein with a BV of 100%. When combined with WPC, you get the best possible anabolic response and nitrogen retention along with your protein – no other combination is anywhere near as effective.

Soy protein is added due to its high levels of plant oestrogens. As well as being a complete protein, it complements and combines well with WPC and egg white, making this formula impossible to beat.

Rhino Energy is a great strength and muscle formula for martial artists and all hard sports athletes, enabling them to keep up the high performance standards required from each activity.

With balanced carbohydrates and protein complex, Rhino Energy provides a 3-4 hour energy release. This ensures energy is extended over the total training time (normally 2.5 hours). Active sports people know the importance of achieving growth in lean muscle mass and strength and keeping it. Rhino Energy gives you that, and the sustained energy to gain that competitive edge.

The graph below shows that when using WPC, egg white and soy supro protein combined, they provide a protein source superior to any other formula on the market today.

The amino acid profile shows that Rhino Energy is in a league of its own – by putting all three proteins on the same graph, they raise the amino acid profile, making it a superior protein. This results in getting the best anabolic response and nitrogen retention next to steroids, without any side effects.

Rhino Energy is also a must for people recovering from sickness or injury, from the oldest to the youngest due to its immunity boosting properties. Rhino Energy will boost the body’s healing powers resulting in much faster recovery.

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