Started in 1996 Rhino Supplements has enjoyed many years of been Australia Rolls Royce range of products and supporting the cream of Australian and International sports stars.
From Eddie Irvine winning the first Grand Prix in Melbourne through to Alberto Salazar in the USA and Leeds Rhino in England Rhino has been there.
We have over the past three years, rebranded our products and looked at what market is going to best benefit from our range, and that is everyone.
Here at Rhino we are very proud to have coming out in January as well as R3hydr8 sports, our own beverage Brand “MybodyMylife” aimed at sufferers of Diabetes and those with an aversion to sugar beverages, yet hydrating the cells as you get through the day.
As well we have been further developing our unique brand Yzone for those people with cardiovascular issues. Our next stage is to put into effect our clinical trial process here in Australia and roll out onto the Global market through Hospitals and medical centres.
Although our focus is on sports and at grass roots levels, we here at Rhino Supplements believe the mission is to build a healthier World and we aim to achieve that outcome through products that work are better for you and let YOU achieve your goals.
We have now signed several agreements to launch into the China market in early 2018 as well as India, Australia and several other areas.
Please feel free to enjoy our products and don`t hesitate to contact us with your enquires

Proudly an Australian Company since 1996.

Karl Longley Founder/CEO

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